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Arise Youth Center

Alternatives to Detention

LSS provides alternatives to detention for youth in Minnehaha and Pennington Counties. This includes a Reception Center where law enforcement can transport youth to wait in a safe environment to be picked up by a parent or approved adult. Reception Center staff complete screenings and offer resources to the youth and their parent or guardian.

When being released back home to a parent or guardian isn’t an immediate option, one recommendation may be Shelter Care. Shelter Care provides temporary care and is an alternative to going into a secure detention facility if the youth does not require that level of service.

Shelter Care is a short term group care facility, 30 days or less, that assists youth and their parent or guardian through a screening process to identify needs and community resources along with a discharge plan in collaboration with the court system.

The Arise Youth Center Reception Center and Shelter Care programs are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year round. The Evening Report Center, ERC, is an alternative to detention that allows youth to remain in the community while receiving additional services.

Runaway & Homeless Youth Services

The Arise Youth Center/West provides services to youth who are currently runaway, homeless or at risk of becoming runaway or homeless. Referrals can come from parents, youth, schools, law enforcement or community agencies. Youth can stay in Shelter Care for up to 21 days under the RHY services. During this time, Shelter Care case managers work with the youth and their families to identify a safe discharge plan.

Runaway and homeless services are available through Basic Center Federal Grant #90CY6684-01-00 from Administration for Children and Families.

Community Collaboration

The Arise Youth Center/West Reception Center, Shelter Care, and Evening Reporting Center programs were created through the efforts of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative in Pennington County and in collaboration with Pennington County Sheriff's Office.

The Arise Youth Center/East Reception Center and Shelter Care programs were created through the efforts of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative in Minnehaha County and in collaboration with Minnehaha County.

LSS holds a zero-tolerance policy relating to sexual abuse and harassment.  Investigation of suspected sexual abuse and harassment that rise to the level of potential abuse or neglect will be referred to Child Protection Services and/or law enforcement.   LSS will cooperate in the investigation of anyone involved in sexual assault or harassment of a resident of a LSS facility.  LSS will administratively investigate allegations of sexual harassment of a resident in a LSS facility if those allegations do not fall under the jurisdiction of Child Protection Services or law enforcement. This policy shall be followed in conjunction with Staff and Agency Reporting Duties and mandatory child abuse reporting requirements.  LSS Residential Services for Children & Youth and Detention Alternatives comply with federal PREA standards.  Visit South Dakota Department of Corrections PREA reports for more information.

LSS Arise Youth Center
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