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Shape Your Financial Future

This three-step program is designed to identify and achieve your financial goals. Choose the steps(s) that meet your needs. Take action now to review your personal finances.

  1. This online financial self-assessment tool will help you understand how your finances are doing, where to improve, and what to do for future spending.

  2. Review Your Finances with an Expert.

    Discuss spending plans, savings plans and concrete steps to improve your financial wellbeing one-on-one with LSS financial counseling. An NFCC Certified Financial Professional will give you advice for your unique financial situation.

  3. Seek Education with a Targeted LSS Financial Course.

    Choose topics based on your specific financial interest and needs; check out our list of topics under Financial Fitness Education.

Decide which step you wish to start with and schedule an appointment online or call us at 888-258-2227.