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Graphic: LSS Interlocking with the word Connection.

Kinship Services

Under South Dakota Child Protection Laws, LSS and DSS are committed to placing children with relatives/kin when they are not able to remain with their parents.

Our services are contracted and work in conjunction with the South Dakota Department of Social Services – Child Protection Services.  Referrals are made through the SD DSS – CPS.

LSS has the honor to work with children and families through the Kinship Home Study and Kinship Locator services.

Kinship Home Study Services

LSS Kinship Home Study Specialists located throughout the state complete comprehensive home studies with relatives or fictive kin who are interested in being a placement option for a child or children in the custody of the state. Referrals for home studies are made through the SD DSS-CPS. LSS utilizes the Caregiver Protective Capacity Assessment Model for home studies.

Kinship Locator Services

LSS Kinship Locators serve two regions of the state. When children are removed from their home and cannot return immediately they may be referred for kinship locator services. LSS conducts a relative search to locate, identify and engage relatives or fictive kin who may be potential placements and/or connections for children who are in DSS custody.