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Young Voices

Helping Their Peers Become Independent Adults

LSS Young Voices logo

Young Voices is a youth-led statewide group that seeks motivated individuals to provide VOICES—Vision, Opportunities, Ideas, Creativity, Enthusiasm and Support—to those in foster homes, agencies or independent living arrangements.

Young Voices helps to make life better for young adults by using our voices to invoke positive change. Youth want to help their peers become independent adults who can successfully educate others about the child welfare system and take an active role in making life better for themselves and others while in state care.

  • Listen to our stories
  • Engage in our experiences
  • Hear our recommendations
  • Advocate for positive change

Participating in Our Young Voices Program

LSS Young Voices is for young adults wanting to be heard and advocate. A member of Young Voices actively:

  • advocates and supports other youth.
  • educates legislators, foster parents, the public, Child Protective Services, the juvenile justice system and other placement resources about the youth perspective.
  • plans, leads and participates in teen conferences and workshops.
  • builds positive relationships with similar youth around the state.
  • gains life skills necessary to become independent adults.
  • shares ideas and develops new methods of creating a positive image.