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Youth Mentoring Services

LSS Mentoring Services matches volunteer mentors with children in the Sioux Falls area. The goal is to empower young people to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers.

Good mentors have a significant impact on youth by providing guidance and developing consistent, long-term friendships. LSS operates three distinct youth mentoring programs.

  • Everyday Heroes: mentoring in schools, grades PreK to 12
  • USucceed: mentoring in and out of schools, grades 9 to 12
  • Climb: mentoring in the community, ages 7 to 14, previously known as Big Brothers Big Sisters


In our largest youth mentoring program, Everyday Hero volunteers spend one hour per week with an elementary, middle or high school student at the school. Mentors and students spend time doing a variety of activities together, including:

Everyday Hero word image with a star in background.

playing board games
reading a book
playing basketball
eating lunch together
simply sitting and talking

Everyday Heroes offers a flexible volunteer option. With schools located in nearly every neighborhood, mentors can select a location that is best for them. Matches meet during the school lunch hour. This varies from school to school, but it’s generally a 30 to 45 minute block of time between 11am and 1pm.

School counselors select a young person who can use extra one-to-one attention from a caring adult role model. Counselors are responsible for matching students with an Everyday Hero mentor.

Everyday Heroes mentors can volunteer in the following school districts: Sioux Falls, Baltic, Brandon Valley, Canton, Dell Rapids, Flandreau, Garretson, Harrisburg, Lennox, Tea Area, Tri-Valley and West Central.


96% of Youth were Highly Satisfied with their Mentor.

96% of youth were highly satisfied with their mentor.

USucceed is a youth mentoring program for high school students. It offers support from school staff as well as support from an LSS case manager. USucceed matches can meet during the school day or during out of school hours.

USucceed starts when a student enters high school. Matches commit to meeting four hours per month until the student graduates. This helps ensure a stable presence and support throughout the student’s high school career. Mentor services assist students in setting and meeting goals in relationship development, school and work readiness and being a good citizen.

Students can be referred to this program by school personnel, case managers, parents/guardians, counselors or self-refer. LSS matches qualified students with volunteers based on need and student interest level. Complete a USucceed referral form to enroll a student.


Climb word image with mountain and star in the background.

Climb, previously known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux Empire, matches volunteer mentors with children ages 7 to 14 and meet in the community. Matches are supported by an LSS case manager who works to ensure a successful experience for all.

Children can start meeting with a Climb mentor after they turn 7 years old, and must be under the age of 14 to enroll as a new participant. Established matches can continue to meet after the child turns 14.

Climb matches meet for four hours per month in the community. To help with this, LSS provides an activity card that offers discounts to program participants and hosts monthly events that all matches are invited to attend.

Parent/guardian involvement is essential in Climb and is needed to initiate enrollment in the program. Parent/guardians are also expected to work with mentors to schedule meetings and to respond to program staff. Click here to enroll your child in LSS Climb. To get started, enroll your child in LSS Climb mentoring services. 

Hear what youth mentors have to say about their experience.

“A lot of kids today don’t have that foundation that I had. I like to do what I can to help with that foundation”

“Think about when you were a kid. Think about an adult who made a difference in your life”

“An adult who took a little time to play a game, to ask about your day, to hang out. Think about what that meant to you.”

Mentoring youth is a great way to become a positive, trusted presence in the lives of students who need your guidance. Find out more about youth mentoring services with LSS.

Watch more video clips about what students have to say about their mentoring experience and learn how to become a mentor today.