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Here4Youth After-School & Summer Program

The Here4Youth After-School & Summer Program offers services to all children. As an LSS program, we specialize in quality after-school care for children with disabilities. Here4Youth is all about what children and youth CAN DO, not what they can’t do. We work with children and family members to provide education, support and fun.

The Here4Youth After-School & Summer Program became a part of LSS in 2015, however it has been offering individualized care for youth with special needs and their siblings since 1996.

How it Works

A number of local public schools provide transportation between Here4Youth and the school in the morning and afternoon.

The job of a loving caregiver can be very challenging. So Here4Youth also provides respite care for families two weekend evenings per month. With affordable rates and a convenient location, Here4Youth offers support - and a great experience for your family. We understand that caring for a loved one is a 24-hour job and we’re here to help give you time for the things you must do for yourself.

What Students and Families Can Expect from Here4Youth

Here4Youth has a 1:5 staff to student ratio. That means students receive the attention they need. LSS is able to meet the needs of students ages 3 to 21 who may not be successful in other settings. With our ratio, we are positioned to focus on children with a wide range of developmental disabilities. It’s all about caring, learning and enrichment.

Here4Youth features a large recreational room, an outdoor play area, and a sensory room. Sensory rooms and sensory paths have been shown to be very effective in helping children relieve stress, focus and better interact with others. We also have several classrooms for special activities including science, art, reading and technology.

We choose all of our supplies and equipment with an emphasis on learning. Children have access to laptop computers, tablets and a variety of educational games and activities that everyone can enjoy.

Here4Youth After-School & Summer Program is located at 300 E. 6th Street, Sioux Falls, 57103. To learn more, contact us at 605-731-2050.