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Post Legal Services

South Dakota law enables Lutheran Social Services to provide the following post-legal adoption services to adopted persons who are over age 18.

  • Non-identifying Background InformationThe adoptee may request non-identifying background social/medical history that was given to LSS at the time of placement.

  • Identifying Background InformationThe adopted person may obtain a court order from the county where the adoption was finalized by petitioning the court to allow LSS to release its records to the adoptee. The court order must specify to LSS for release of adoption records. If a court order is obtained, the adoptee must send a request in writing along with the fee.

  • Birth Parents

    Birth parents may keep their information and background current by obtaining a Birth Parent Information Update Form from LSS. This includes current address information to assist in making a connection with the adopted person. The information can be kept on file until it is requested by the adopted person. No identifying information can be given to the birth parents unless the adoptee has consented to release identifying information about him/herself.

If you have questions or if LSS can be of assistance, contact 605-221-2346 or LSS Adoption Services.