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Housing Resources

Looking for a place to call Home Sweet Home? LSS has educational courses and financial tools for individuals and families to be successful renters or homeowners.

First Time Homebuyer

In this session, a certified housing counselor will work with you one-on-one to ensure you are in the best financial position to obtain a mortgage. A pre-purchase counsel may include a review of the following items:

  • Your credit report
  • Current mortgage products to meet your needs
  • Individual budget and affordability considerations
  • Additional counseling support, as needed, until savings or debt reduction goals are met

Please call 888-258-2227 or email to speak to a representative about scheduling options. First Time homebuyer sessions and homebuyer education are available throughout our service areas. If you are interested in attending a Homebuyer Education workshop, please refer to the LSS calendar for upcoming meeting times.

Workshop: Homebuyer Education

Our Homebuyer Education program provides the information and resources available to successfully purchase and own a home. The program meets the SDHDA Homeownership Education Resource Organization (HERO) requirements and may qualify homebuyers for additional closing costs credits. Classes are free. Learn about:

  • Personal money management
  • Credit history review
  • Mortgage financing and the loan process
  • Shopping for a home
  • Homeowner responsibilities
  • Predatory lending awareness

Please refer to the LSS calendar for workshops convenient for you, or call 888-258-2227 to speak to a representative about scheduling options. Video conference is available. Participants must register at least 24 hours prior to the class.

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention sessions help address challenges that can impact financial stability. If the challenge causes delinquency on your mortgage, do not waste time. A certified housing counselor can work with you and your lender on possible loss mitigation and/or repayment options.

If foreclosure becomes a reality, the certified housing counselor will provide a comprehensive budget and transition counseling along with an action plan to summarize various options. Please call 888-258-2227 to speak to a representative or to schedule an appointment.

Homeowner Financial Management

Rental Housing Counseling & Education

Helpful Housing Resources E-Tools

Download the Monthly Budget Planner/Tracker to build a savings plan for each month. This worksheet will help you be more responsible with
spending money by doing the following:

  • Plan out your budget.
  • Track expenses.
  • Track savings.

To see how much you can afford on a house or learn about housing assistance resources available, we recommend visiting South Dakota Housing Development Authority for online calculators, downloadable apps, money management tips, financial assistance and more.