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Graphic: LSS Interlocking with the word Transformation.

Re-Entry Services

LSS Re-Entry Services offers assistance to individuals who are transitioning from correctional facilities, group homes and chemical dependency treatment facilities into their home communities.

Re-Entry Services supports men and women as they prepare for release from incarceration, re-enter their communities, re-engage with their families and find employment. LSS currently offers the following services:

Family & Employment Re-Entry Service Programs

LSS currently offers the following services:

Community Work Training in Sioux Falls LSS provides job readiness training and job-seeking assistance to individuals re-entering the programming who have experienced disruptions in their employment.

Young Mothers Re-Entry Services In cooperation with the SD Department of Corrections (DOC), LSS provides assistance to young mothers age 18 through 24 incarcerated in DOC facilities. LSS provides a variety of educational and supportive services to help young moms re-enter the community successfully and resume supportive care of their families.

Work Training Classes LSS provides educational classes inside the DOC Sioux Falls Penitentiary to prepare men and women for employment upon re-entry.

Domestic Violence MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) LSS provides classes inside the Sioux Falls State Penitentiary and in the Sioux Falls community to create a better understanding of safe and violence-free relationships.

Criminal Justice Initiative MRT and CBISA (Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse) Services LSS provides evidence-based classes in contracted geographic areas around the state of South Dakota. The purpose and goal are to provide evidence-based programming instead of incarceration.

Intermediate Correctional Intervention Program In partnership with the Department of Corrections and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, LSS operates a residential/community program in the Rapid City area for women in the correctional system but do not require incarceration in the state penitentiary system. Evidence-Based programming and intensive relationship-driven case management services are offered to women referred to rebuild their lives in the Rapid City community.

Resources for Transitioning from Correctional Facilities to Communities

For resources on responsible parenting, check out the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.