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Choosing Adoption

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption services include pre-adoption counseling, a home study, meeting birth parents and placement. LSS provides follow up support and supervision when a child is placed. Today’s adoption process provides a wide range of options. All parties can choose the level of contact they are comfortable with.

International Adoption

Around the world, thousands of children are orphaned by war, disease and poverty. In the US, many wish to expand their families and share their love with a child. LSS works with several international agencies.

Identified Adoption

Identified adoption occurs when the birth family identifies an adoptive family for their child prior to contacting LSS. LSS can offer services to both the adoptive family and the birth family. LSS assists families with:

  • Completing the adoptive home study
  • Providing ongoing support and counseling prior to the placement of the child
  • Providing post-placement services
  • Providing Interstate Compact Placement Services. This applies when a child is born or resides in a state other than South Dakota

Contract Adoption Services

Adoptive placements can be coordinated through private agencies, public agencies, or attorneys. LSS staff are available to assist South Dakota adoptive families in completing:

  • Home studies, regardless of the placement resource
  • Post-placement services
  • Interstate Compact Placement Services if the child is born or resides in a state other than South Dakota