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Client Outcomes

LSS transformed people's lives 45,781 last year through diverse and vital services across the state. LSS serves people of all ages, faiths, races and economic status with professional, confidential and affordable services. It is our vision that all people in South Dakota to be healthy, safe and accepted. 

To do that, LSS continues to strengthen its use of standardized assessment tools to measure client outcomes. The use of dashboards and automated reports provide the tools for leadership to monitor outcomes data more frequently, and implement programmatic adjustment when necessary.

LSS didn't make me feel bad and they didn't judge me. Something happened. I could see the changes. It was going to be fine, one step at a time. ~ client

Alternatives to Detention
Youth who participate in the Arise Shelter Care are successful. 90% of youth are discharged to safe and stable housing.

Behavioral Health Services
Clients receiving outpatient counseling experienced a 23% reduction in symptoms from the first session to the fourth session.

Center for Financial Resources
79% of clients who received financial counseling reported reduced stress after their session. 50% reported increased financial capacity two months after their session.

Center for New Americans
80% of refugees resettled were employed in a full-time position within eight months of arrival. 78% of individuals who secured employment kept their jobs for 90 days. The average starting wage was $12.77 per hour and 100% had access to benefits.

Mentoring Services
Youth in the USucceed mentoring program are remaining successful. 97% of students were on track to graduate with their class and 100% had a realistic plan for after high school graduation.

Residential Services for Children & Youth
LSS continues to improve its capacity to deliver trauma-informed care. 95% of youth in Psychiatric Residential Treatment, 90% of youth in group care and 100% of youth in Foster Care showed a reduction in trauma symptoms upon discharge.