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Early Child Development for Infants & Toddlers

Southern Hills Infant and Toddler Program provides a safe environment for children to explore. Throughout their day, we nurture and stimulate their growth. We provide each child with opportunities to learn through play.

We offer full time infant and toddler care at a Sioux Falls location with affordable rates. Our program is open to children ages four weeks through two years of age. Hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm.

We are sure to give each child what they need based on their temperament, interests and learning style. During this early stage, we want to give your children the learning environment they deserve for growing.

We want to enrich your baby’s learning experience that encourages them to develop with others their age. With infants, we are sure to give each baby an appropriate amount of tummy time. We understand the importance of movement activities that help enrich your infant’s growing.

Young children will learn important problem-solving skills with our program. We encourage play! We help children develop motor skills by playing with others. .

Students in this program are two years and younger. The program curriculum incorporates the following techniques to enhance growth:

  • Baby Sign Language
  • Story Time
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Sensory Experiences
  • Dramatic Play
  • Intensive Staff Interaction

We are passionate about baby sign language. Teaching a child to sign helps develop their communication skills at a young age. We want children age two and younger to communicate when they’re upset, and it’s through signing that we encourage growth.

Connecting with parents is a key component of our care. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in our program! We work hard to keep them notified on their child’s growth.

Our attentive staff communicates with parents daily to provide updates on learning and development. From fun stories to sweet moments, our staff will make you feel like you’re there!

Our staff members are high-quality professionals. Each member has education and experience in early childhood development. In addition, our staff is provided with consistent ongoing training. Southern Hills is accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services and is licensed by the state of South Dakota.

A picture of infant room at LSS Childcare & Education Services, Siuox Falls.
A picture of the Infant/Toddler Enrichment room at LSS Childcare & Education Services, Sioux Falls.

Our Dreamer’s Classroom is a wonderful place for infants to grow! Our cushioned mats are perfect for tummy time and playing with others. In this room, their days will always be filled with snuggles, stories, songs and smiles. With safety in mind, our classrooms are perfect for growing. Our one-year-old classroom includes a wide range of fun!