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An Early Childhood Preschool Program for Young Children

At LSS Childcare & Education Services, we offer engaging early childhood education programs that make learning exciting and fun! With our high-quality preschool, we prepare children for elementary school. Whether you have a three-year-old just beginning or have a child that’s already prepped and ready, our Sioux Falls location is conveniently located to meet you and your family’s needs.

Why is Early Education Important?

At LSS Childcare & Education Services, we understand the importance of individualized education, language skills and getting an early head start on education. We make it our top priority to give your children attentive care in a positive learning environment that will prepare them to enter kindergarten. We offer a curriculum that promotes a positive learning environment for your children to grow.

Early education not only improves your child’s social skills, but it also sets the foundation for lifelong learning! It’s during this stage in your young children's lives that it becomes important to challenge their cognitive skills and help them to connect with others. Encouraging your children to learn and grow with kids their age will help them to form connections and develop their social skills for years to come.

At Southern Hills Preschool, children get the tools they need to excel in verbal communication skills. It’s important at this age that we encourage them to speak words, sing songs, make noises and practice communicating with others. This will enrich their vocabulary and help them to develop communicatively.

From daily routines to being exposed to numbers and words, we encourage students to engage with simple concepts. Early childhood education is not only important for your young children’s personal growth, but it also helps to develop important cognitive skills, too!

We make it our top priority to give your children strong early learning while developing their social skills and school readiness for years to come.

Learn More About Our PreSchool Curriculum

Our full-day of early childhood education fills your young children’s day with creative activities and engaging preschool curriculum. Children will be provided with a stimulating learning environment that helps prepare them for kindergarten and instills a love of learning. Our experienced and well-trained staff ensure a positive learning experience for the entire family. With our competitive rates, we have you and your family’s best interests at heart. Curriculum includes:

  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Verbal & Linguistic Skills
  • Artistic Creativity
  • Social Studies
  • Science & Nature
  • Logic & Mathematics
  • Physical & Kinesthetic Movement
  • Bible Stories

Explore Our Classrooms

Learning happens throughout the day in three spacious classrooms. With our open floor plan, we encourage students to discover playful and engaging activities that promote decision making and cognitive skills. Designed to make you and your family's day a hassle-free experience, our program is open from 7 am to 6 pm. Our preschool programs are open for young children ages three to five-years-old who are able to use the restroom independently.

The Preschool Discoverer’s classroom is one of three classrooms designed to make early learning fun for young children! Within each classroom, we make sure that our activities are approachable, tactile, and promote creativity and individuality.

Contact us for a tour to see the program in person.

A picture of the Preschool Discoverer’s classroom at LSS Childcare & Education Services, Sioux Falls.

The Preschool Discoverer’s classroom is one of three classrooms designed to make learning fun!