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Decades After Life-Changing Help, She’s Helping Pay It Forward

Thirty-two years ago, Vicki Breeman received counseling services at LSS. Her life was spiraling. “It was crumbling all around me. I needed help,” she said.

Back then, Vicki was a single mom with three children and battling mental health struggles, addiction, legal issues and financial strain. “I landed in the right place. LSS changed my life in ways that were unexpected.”

During one of her counseling sessions, “My therapist said a couple wanted to meet me. They had sadly lost a little girl to a sudden illness and in her memory, they wanted to do something to help someone else.” The couple donated $600 to help Vicki get back on track.

She has never forgotten their kindness. “Everything was different after that.”

Vicki sought help for alcohol addiction, worked through her legal issues, continued therapy and got back on track financially.

Today, Vicki and her husband enjoy time with their kids and grandkids. “I realize how blessed we are and incredibly grateful for everything. I just started thinking about what had happened to me back then. I need to do what I can to help someone else. Maybe it’ll make a difference in their life.”

Vicki shares her story and a donation with hopes to help someone who may be in a similar circumstance as she was all those years ago. “I hope to show that there’s hope to heal, to be well, and to be successful.”

Through her own actions, Vicki may have answered the question she had thirty-two years ago. “Why would they do that?” She may never know the details but now she has a better understanding as to why someone reached out to help her all those years ago.

Vicki’s story started in a therapy session at LSS more than three decades ago. Today, you can join Vicki in making a donation to help others. Throughout our website, you will read stories of impact highlighted during South Dakota CARES, our day of giving. Your donation now can be matched. Make a gift early to honor Vicki and her family’s journey to a healthier, happier life.