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LSS Marriage Counseling Gave Us Hope

If you are starting a new chapter with your partner or rebuilding your marriage, our counselors can help.

Take that step toward a stronger marriage.

Whether your marriage is just starting out or you’ve been married for years, LSS marriage counseling can help.

For engaged couples planning for marriage, LSS offers marriage preparation classes. This course will teach you and your partner how to build a strong foundation for your future together.

If problems are arising in your marriage and going left untreated, it may be time for counseling. Seeking out support can be very effective, especially when done sooner rather than later.

With therapeutic exercises like communication and conflict resolution, marriage counseling is meant to improve interactions and rebuild the connection between partners. LSS counseling services focus on individual strengths to enhance your marriage.

Marriage Counseling Services

LSS counseling services include couples counseling for guidance in your marriage. Our marriage therapy helps to recognize and resolve conflicts to improve the relationship.

Together, LSS marriage counselors support couples by making thoughtful decisions and rebuilding the bond you share with your partner. Our experts help couples reconcile troublesome differences and repetition of stress patterns affecting the behavioral health of the relationship.

We provide marriage counseling services for:

  • Life transitions such as empty nest, health issues and retirement
  • Family conflict
  • Couples conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Marriage preparation
  • Divorce adjustment

Contact Our Understanding Counselors

LSS behavioral health experts are here to listen and make a difference! All providers are licensed at the highest level to provide marital therapy.

Don’t wait. The sooner you and your partner take action, the more effective marriage counseling will be.

Reach out to our confidential behavioral health experts for marriage counseling sessions with LSS. Our counselors are understanding and have the capabilities to provide support and guidance to a brighter future.