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I Can Finally Smile Again

If you are coping with loss, our experienced therapists are here to help you through emotional challenges.

Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion. Whether it stems from the loss of a loved one or from a terminal diagnosis, Grief can leave you feeling numb and removed from daily life. It can leave you unable to carry on with regular duties and saddled with a sense of loss.

Grief is the natural reaction to loss. Grief is both a universal and a personal experience. Individual experiences of grief vary. Some examples of loss include the death of a loved one, the ending of an important relationship, job loss, loss through theft or the loss of independence through disability.

You cannot control the process. But you can prepare for the varying stages of grief. Mourning can last for months or years. Generally, pain is tempered as time passes. The bereaved adapts to life without a loved one, to the news of a terminal diagnosis or to the realization that someone they love may die.

Do you wonder whether your grieving process is normal? We can help you better understand the grieving process and guide you through these changes in your life. Please call for more information, 855-334-2953 or 605-444-7643.