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South Dakota CARES May 11 & 12

Mental Health Counseling

through LSS Behavioral Health Services

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LSS Behavioral Health Services provides mental health counseling for children, adults, or families who may be struggling with family and relationship conflict, depression, grief, loss, anger, anxiety, abuse, substance use, post-traumatic stress disorder or domestic violence.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing. The need for mental health counseling looks different for every person.

Examples of clients served through the LSS Behavioral Health Services include:

  • A teen, who has been the victim of sexual assault, receiving outpatient counseling sessions to learn ways to cope with his trauma and begin to trust again
  • A couple, who has trouble communicating, seeking marital counseling sessions to strengthen their marriage
  • A woman, mourning the death of her husband, attending counseling sessions to cope with her grief and manage the changing responsibilities of her daily life
  • A child, struggling with anxiety, attending counseling sessions to improve her ability to succeed in school

Committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier for clients to access much-needed mental health care, LSS is one of the only providers in the state to offer a sliding fee scale based on income. More than 85% of clients seeking mental health counseling at LSS qualify for the sliding fee scale. Your support can ensure our ability to continue offering these services at an affordable price.

Earmark your spring donation today for LSS Behavioral Health Services.

Empower People through Coping Skills

When Amanda started counseling services, she was experiencing a lot of intense anxiety over a job loss. She felt like she didn’t have any direction in her life, and was experiencing frequent panic attacks. She started seeing a therapist at LSS and learned some coping skills to help with anxiety.

Amanda began to see how she could improve herself and committed to improving her situation. She worked on empowering herself and taking control of her life.

Because Amanda got the help she needed, she is now a successful local business owner and uses the coping skills learned to deal with the daily stresses that come with life and owning a business.