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South Dakota CARES May 11 & 12

Lifelong Support

through LSS Adoption Services

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For birthparents facing an unintended pregnancy and for adoptive parents wanting to grow their family, LSS provides essential information and compassionate support. Support services are a critical step in the process as they equip adoptive and birthparents with the information needed to make the best decision for their families.

Your gift to LSS Adoption Services ensures vital support is available for those who need it.  Donations in support of LSS Adoption Services help keep birthparent counseling and informational meetings free and adoption workshops affordable for clients seeking support services.

Consider a gift to LSS Adoption Services so that LSS can continue to walk alongside birth and adoptive parents every step of the way—during pregnancy, throughout the planning process and anytime thereafter.

Empower Families through Service and Support

“Our family got its start at LSS 38 years ago— and we are forever grateful. We attended adoption workshops and had the support of our adoption specialist at the time—every step of the way. Through all interactions with the Adoption Services staff, one thing was constant— support. That support was critical for us so that we could become the parents we wanted to be.”