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We’re Here to Help

Mental Health Counseling Services

Whether your parishioners are dealing with the loss of a loved one, improving family communication or promoting health and wellness, the support of caring professional therapists can help. Services provided include individual, couple and family therapy, marital preparation, group therapy, education seminars, psychological assessments, and critical incident services. To make an appointment call 855-334-2953 or schedule online. Learn more.

Center for Financial Resources

LSS Center for Financial Resources offers comprehensive financial counseling and education. Parishioners can be referred to CFR for individual counseling sessions related to budgeting, debt management, credit report reviews, student loan or housing issues. Schedule an appointment online, email or call 888-258-2227. Learn more.

Pregnancy Counseling

An unintended pregnancy can cause many emotions—and a person may face many decisions. No one should go through this alone. LSS provides free, confidential options counseling to anyone facing an unintended pregnancy. Whatever their decision, we’re committed to helping before and after the baby is born. For more information call 888-201-5061. Learn more.

Adoption Services

LSS is committed to providing compassionate and non-judgmental services to the birth family, the adoptive family and most importantly the child for whom an adoption plan is being made. At LSS, we help families with international and domestic adoptions. We’ll be there for every step of the process. For more information call 888-201-5061. Learn more.

Disaster Response Services

When a natural disaster occurs, LSS will assist with immediate needs and toward long-term recovery. LSS staff are trained and have experience in Critical Incident Stress Management and can mobilize quickly to offer counseling, case management and volunteer management when disaster strikes. For more information email Learn more.