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LSS & First Bank & Trust: Immeasurable Impact on Our Community

LSS and the Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls began integrating programming in October 2022. The success of the transition is because of supporters like First Bank & Trust.


“The integration of these two incredible organizations will continue to have a meaningful impact on our community,” says Adam Kniffen, First Bank & Trust, Sioux Falls Market President.

“When we look at our values as a company, our commitment to advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and our belief in the cultural growth of our city, it was clear we should support this initiative,” Kniffen added. “We can’t wait to see this next chapter unfold for the Multi-Cultural Center with Lutheran Social Services.”

This year, First Bank & Trust financially supported the transition of the Multi-Cultural Center to LSS with a gift of $25,000 in addition to their annual sponsorship of the Festival of Cultures event on June 10, 2023.

LSS continues to listen actively to the growing needs of our community, gather insight from individuals and groups from all cultural backgrounds, and strategically plan and apply those insights to ensure that the MCC is a valuable and vibrant resource for our community. “Support from organizations like First Bank & Trust is invaluable in the work we do and gets us one step closer to making our vision a reality—that all people in South Dakota will be healthy, safe and accepted,” says Rebecca Kiesow-Knudsen, LSS President and CEO.

First Bank & Trust is family- and employee-owned and is dedicated to giving back to communities. They have done so through the support of LSS dating back to 1990. The long-standing history between First Bank & Trust and LSS includes personal donations from Barbara and Van Fishback, most notably giving to the 2016 capital campaign, Campaign for Hope which resulted in the naming of the Fishback Campus for Opportunity in downtown Sioux Falls.

“We are committed to making Sioux Falls and South Dakota a welcoming community for all and that is only possible through the generosity of community partners and donors,” says Paige Short, LSS Vice President of Philanthropy Services, “We are incredibly grateful for First Bank & Trust and their passion to celebrate and support diversity and equity in our communities.”

LSS responds to changing needs in South Dakota communities. Our mission: Inspired by God's love, we care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities and believe in the vision that all people in South Dakota will be healthy, safe and accepted. LSS is one of the largest private non-profit human service agencies in South Dakota serving people of all ages, faiths, races and economic status with professional, confidential and affordable services statewide.