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LSS Youth Mentoring Services

Meet the 4th Grader Who Will Change Your Life

Becoming a LSS mentor isn't just a great excuse to play games, eat lunch or shoot hoops.
It's an opportunity to positively change a young person's life.
LSS Preschool Enrollment

LSS Youth Mentoring matches volunteer mentors with K-12 students. There are currently more than 1,100 volunteers, however many students are on the waiting list for a mentor.

  • Mentoring only requires an hour (or less) of your time each week.
  • Mentoring is easy. You just have to be yourself.
  • You don't need prior mentoring experience.
  • Learn more by inquiring below. 

There is a kid out there who would love to meet YOU!
Fair warning, get ready to meet a friend who will change your life.

Mentoring is about building self-esteem, encouraging positive choices, lending a new perspective, and being a friend to a young person who needs someone in their corner. Apply today or ask more questions by filling out the form below, calling 605-444-7803 or emailing One of our knowledgeable staff will be in contact with you soon.