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"Our team work is one of my favorite parts within LSS Behavioral Health Services. I lean on my team for support when I need extra and they lean on me when they need extra. An example of this is when I have a booked schedule, but a new staff is starting. I’m able to say hey team we need to get this person up and running, and you are experts at your work. Everyone wants to help and that person is welcomed. When someone is out sick or takes PTO, we support their work by chipping in and covering while they are out. We want the whole team to succeed and that means being flexible and willing to help."
April Bolton, Associate Director, LSS Behavioral Health Services
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Employment Opportunities in Sioux Falls

Make A Difference!

Beyond a strong sense of empathy and a passion for improving people's lives, there is not a typical LSS employee. Our unique personal and professional experiences are what make us strong. What we have in common is a passion for shaping lives.

If you have a passion to care for, support and strengthen people of all ages, faiths and races—You are LSS.

Whether you are just beginning your career or are ready for a new opportunity that has meaning and fulfillment—You are LSS.

LSS is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to the mission: Inspired by God's love, we care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities. This commitment extends to staff, clients and members of the community. LSS offers a challenging career, satisfying work, a friendly environment, employment opportunities that allow for personal growth, flexible working conditions, competitive compensation & benefits package, and responsive leadership.

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