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Mentorship Expanding: Aberdeen

Elementary students in six Aberdeen public schools will enjoy spending one-on-one time with a mentor starting this fall thanks to the vision and efforts of Leadership Aberdeen, a comprehensive leadership training program of the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We are excited about the collaboration between Leadership Aberdeen and LSS to bring mentoring into the Aberdeen School District and implement the Hub City Heroes Mentoring Program,” says Curry Kuehl, Dacotah Bank, Aberdeen. “The Leadership Aberdeen team was greeted with excitement from the Aberdeen School District and its counselors when this idea was originally brought forth.”

Having both heard and seen examples of success stories in the Sioux Falls area, the Leadership Aberdeen team is eager to help get this program up and running. “We feel this is a great resource to aid in the success and overall well-being of the youth in our community,” continues Kuehl. “This upcoming school year will be the first year implementing the program, and we hope that getting the program established will help grow the mentor base as we move forward so we can have an even bigger impact.”

“We have solid programming, and it’s exciting to see it expand to other parts of the state,” says Michelle Madsen, LSS Senior Director.

“The impact mentoring has on students is extraordinary. It is a great way to become a positive, trusted presence in the lives of students who need a friend to eat lunch or offer guidance through a sticky situation.”

It’s Their Mentor the Child Is Excited to See

LSS has the tools and support needed for a successful program, but it’s the community volunteer who makes the magic happen. It’s why the child watches the clock all morning the day they plan to eat lunch together. It’s why the child races to the gym the day they plan to shoot hoops, or the library to play board games.

Community volunteers 18 years or older are needed to meet a goal of 20 mentor/student matches per school. Mentoring volunteers spend one hour per week with an elementary school student at their school.

To volunteer as a mentor, go to today.