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Life Stories Take Shape at LSS

Celebrating Who We Are

There is one characteristic that all LSS employees share—they want to make a difference in the lives of others. LSS employees are dedicated to helping the people who utilize our vital services and those who they work alongside. Thank you for making a difference.

I am Sylvia

Please join us in thanking Sylvia Selgestad for 11 years with LSS! As a Credit and Housing Counselor and Educator with the LSS Center for Financial Resources, Sylvia helps people get their finances in order by providing financial education and support. “The first time I helped someone save their home was an AHA moment for me. It was months of back and forth with the lender, and I was beginning to think it was all for naught. Then I got the voicemail from the client that the bank had approved her modification. She had such joy in her voice. I still have that voicemail and listen to it when I need a boost.” #IamLSS #IamAcceptance

I am Catalina

Today we recognize Catalina Puentes on her third anniversary with LSS. As a Residential Supervisor at New Alternatives Intensive Independent Living Program, Catalina supervises direct support staff and manages everyday tasks in the office. “We provide a safe and stable environment for young adults to explore independence while they still have a safety net. If it wasn't for this program many of our clients would go from foster care to being on their own or in unsafe situations. I get to see the amazing things young adults can do when they have support and guidance.” #IamLSS #IamStability

I am Cheryl

Please join us in celebrating Cheryl Wainio Iverson's fourth anniversary with LSS Center for New Americans! As an On-Call Instructor, Cheryl teaches English learners and those seeking US citizenship. “I love seeing the joy on students’ faces when they understand. I am a life-long learner too!” #IamLSS #IamLearning

I am Yari

Please join us in welcoming Yari Hernandez to LSS Behavioral Health Services! Yari started in August as a PATH Clinical Therapist, providing mental health services for K-12 students in the Sioux Falls area that might otherwise not have access to counseling. “I'm passionate about working with and providing support to youth and LSS has several programs that do that in different capacities. LSS is investing in my future by providing the necessary guidance and supervision I need to advance in my career and to grow as a clinician. In two years, with LSS’s support, I will be eligible to take the Private or Independent Practice (PIP) licensure exam. None of the other jobs I considered would have provided me that opportunity.” #IamLSS #IamOpportunity

I am Marcia

Photo congradulating Kaley Macklem, After-School Teacher at Southern Hills Childcare & Education Services, on her 2nd anniversary with LSS.

Today we celebrate Marcia Hart on her fourth anniversary with LSS. Marcia is the Billing Specialist in Administration. Congratulations Marcia! #IamLSS #IamSupport

Celebrating Labor Day 2022

LSS is one of the largest private non-profit human service agencies in South Dakota. LSS has 286 full-time and 139 part-time employees. Each employee’s unique personal and professional experiences are important; and together, it is what makes us strong. What we have in common is a passion for shaping lives. And it is our vision that drives us —All people in South Dakota will be healthy, safe and accepted. Learn more at #IamLSS

I am Courtney

Today we celebrate Courtney Dosch on her second anniversary with LSS. As the Program Director for New Beginnings Center in Aberdeen, Courtney oversees the program and provides leadership and coaching to staff and youth. “The youth that have had extremely difficult and traumatic pasts are the ones that provide the most clarity to me and remind me why there needs to be someone supporting them. They are the ones that show me why I do what I do, and drive me to guide positivity and healing into their lives.” #IamLSS #IamSupport