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Life Stories Take Shape at LSS


LSS Centennial Video

Being There for a Century of Service

Celebrating Who We Are

There is one characteristic that all LSS employees share—they want to make a difference in the lives of others. LSS employees are dedicated to helping the people who utilize our vital services and those who they work alongside. Thank you for making a difference.

I am Alyssa

Please join us in congratulating Alyssa Olson on her first anniversary with LSS! Alyssa is the Administrative Support Assistant for Brookings Behavioral Health Services. “I enjoy being part of an organization with a mission that has the priority of helping people during some of their greatest times of need. I have grown as a person since starting here, and I am proud to say that I work at an organization that keeps God and people at the center. Working at LSS has been a blessing in my life.” #IamLSS #IamConnection

I am Melissa

Please join us in celebrating Melissa Halling on her 2nd anniversary with LSS. Melissa is the Director for LSS Childcare & Education Services in Sioux Falls. “I am proud of the way the childcare team has grown as a team.” #IamLSS #IamLearning


I am Mary Beth

Today we celebrate Mary Beth Holzwarth on her second anniversary with LSS. Mary Beth is a Re-Entry Coach for Re-Entry Services, working with women in the correctional system to prepare for re-entering society. “Because of my role at LSS, I have a greater understanding of the impact of trauma and how it contributes to pathways that lead women to incarceration. Through that, I have developed a passion for increasing resources in the community. I have seen women overcome both minor and major hurdles that have previously held them back. Being able to guide them on this journey has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.”  #IamLSS #IamRecovery

I am Hannah

Please join us in celebrating Hannah Yunker on her first anniversary with LSS! Hannah is an assistant teacher at Southern Hills Childcare & Education in Sioux Falls. “Working at LSS has helped me build so many amazing relationships with the kids, parents, and everyone who works for LSS. I am going to school for radiology technology. After working at LSS, I realized how much I enjoy working with kids. My future is leaning more towards pediatrics within the field of radiology.” #IamLSS #IamFulfillment

I am Rebecca

Today marks 20 years with LSS for Rebecca Kiesow Knudsen! Rebecca is the Chief Operating Officer, providing executive leadership for information technology and all of the agency’s programs. “I am proud of the fact that our agency consistently delivers high-quality, effective services. I feel blessed to have spent my entire professional career with such a well-respected organization and proud to have contributed to the work. South Dakota is a stronger community because of the work of LSS. This means that my kids will grow up in a better place.” #IamLSS #IamVitality

I am Carolina

Today we cheer for Carolina Garcia on her first anniversary with LSS. As a Clinical Therapist with the PATH Program, she provides clinical mental health counseling services to students in the Pre K-12 school system throughout Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Brandon and Garretson. “I am proud of LSS’s commitment toward serving all individuals irrespective of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or education. My favorite memory at LSS is a combination of experiences throughout my first week of employment. I enjoyed meeting everyone and learning about how LSS attends to a multitude of needs in our community.”  #IamLSS #IamSupport

I am Courtney

Photo congradulating Kaley Macklem, After-School Teacher at Southern Hills Childcare & Education Services, on her 2nd anniversary with LSS.

Please join us in congratulating Courtney Dosch on her first anniversary with LSS. As the Program Director for New Beginnings Center in Aberdeen, Courtney oversees a group care facility to help youth find their footing in the world and develop skills to help them in their home environments. “I am proud of the team that we have built during my time at NBC. We have a strong group of staff that are compassionate, flexible, and dedicated to contributing to the lives of the youth we serve. This is not an easy job, and seeing them stick through the tough times while still keeping the youth the #1 priority makes me proud.” #IamLSS #IamOpportunity

I am Carol

Today we celebrate Carol Waterbury on her 11th anniversary with LSS. Carol is an assistant teacher in the baby room at Southern Hills Childcare & Education in Sioux Falls. Carol’s favorite part of the job is the connection that she makes with the children: “When you’re holding a child, you often pat their back. Pretty soon they start patting you back.” She finds the bond she makes, with not just the children but also the families who trust her with multiple children over the years, to be very rewarding.  #IamLSS #IamCommunity