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Life Stories Take Shape at LSS

Celebrating Who We Are

There is one characteristic that all LSS employees share—they want to make a difference in the lives of others. LSS employees are dedicated to helping the people who utilize our vital services and those who they work alongside. Thank you for making a difference.

I am Stacy

Today we celebrate Stacy Hayford on her seventh anniversary with LSS! As the JJRI Counseling Supervisor, Stacy provides services to at-risk youth and families in the community while also supporting a team of therapists who make a difference every day. “I strive to understand the perspectives of my clients and team members. Their journey and their experience is what matters.” #IamLSS #IamCompassionate LSS Behavioral Health Services


I am Cassie

Today we recognize Cassie Pudwill on her eight-year anniversary with LSS! Cassie is a Case Manager and Residential Supervisor at Arise Youth Center in Rapid City. #IamLSS #IamCompassionate

I am Jay

Please join us in celebrating Jay Marchand on his eleventh anniversary with LSS. As the Program Director for LSS Re-Entry Services, Jay oversees programming in Sioux Falls, Yankton, Springfield and Rapid City. Re-Entry Services works with men and women that are involved with the criminal justice system. “Re-Entry Services strives to convey compassion, appreciation and respect for our client base. Many of our clients do not feel seen and understood by their communities. In Re-Entry Services, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment as we come alongside our clients during their journey toward accountability and change.” #IamLSS #IamEthical


I am Betty

Today we celebrate Betty Tewksbury on her eleventh anniversary with LSS. As the Overnight Supervisor and Rec Coordinator for New Beginnings Center in Aberdeen, Betty focuses on boosting the morale of clients and employees alike. “We instill trust so that clients feel they are safe with us. We treat our clients like the individuals they are.” #IamLSS #IamAppreciative

I am Larry

Today we recognize Larry Trouba on his first anniversary with LSS. Larry teaches ESL and citizenship classes at the LSS Center for New Americans in Sioux Falls. “Having the opportunity to work with immigrants and refugees enables me to demonstrate compassion and understanding of a population that has sacrificed greatly to make it to Sioux Falls and LSS. I appreciate the richness of the cultures from which they come and respect the valuable contributions they are making to our community.” #IamLSS #IamCompassionate

I am Caylene

Please join us in celebrating Caylene Huber for three years with LSS! As the Preschool Program Supervisor for LSS Childcare & Education Services, Caylene fosters a positive environment for teachers to work and children to learn. “We show that we care by building strong and trusting relationships with co-workers, families and children. We are grateful for our families' trust in us to provide the best care for their children. We treat everyone with respect and acknowledge that we are all unique.” #IamLSS #IamRespectful