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Life Stories Take Shape at LSS


LSS Centennial Video

Being There for a Century of Service

Celebrating Who We Are

There is one characteristic that all LSS employees share—they want to make a difference in the lives of others. LSS employees are dedicated to helping the people who utilize our vital services and those who they work alongside. Thank you for making a difference.

I am Glenda

Please join us in appreciating Glenda Halter on her 6th anniversary with LSS. As the nurse at New Alternatives, Glenda provides medical support to young adults who are learning to live independently. Her favorite memories are the times when she’s gotten a visit or phone call from a former client who has found happiness and success after their stay at New Alternatives. #IamLSS #IamIndependence

I am Staci

Photo congradulating Kaley Macklem, After-School Teacher at Southern Hills Childcare & Education Services, on her 2nd anniversary with LSS.

Today we thank Staci Jonson on her 13th anniversary of service with LSS. As the Senior Director of Children & Youth Services, Staci provides leadership to five LSS services. “There are so many incredible things that have happened since I started at LSS. The things that come to mind first are the opportunity to be involved in the development of Young Voices, accompanying a client to his college enrollment, the development of Arise Youth Center, and all of the lives that have been impacted in positive ways since.” #IamLSS #IamTransformation

I am Kylee

Today we celebrate Kylee Sivertson, Director of Culture and Quality, on seven years with LSS. “I’ve found true peace of mind at LSS. Every job has its bad days, but no bad day at LSS makes me question what I do or why I do it.” Although Kylee prefers being behind the scenes, her work is spent highlighting LSS employees and their accomplishments. Kylee leads LSS employee engagement and created a statewide recognition program that includes the #IamLSS campaign. “I’m proud of the opportunities I’ve had to bring about positive change.” Kylee is the heart behind #IamLSS #IamFulfillment

I am Sara

Please join us in congratulating Sara Ramirez on her 9th anniversary with LSS. Sara has provided leadership to the Center of Financial Resources for many years and was just recently promoted to the position of CFR Director. “I have had the privilege of working with some great leaders that have dedicated a lot of time and energy to help my professional development. I am a better person for all the guidance I have received. My work at LSS has also taught me to look for the needs of those around me. We don’t always know what is going on under the surface of others and oftentimes one small act of kindness can make all the difference.” #IamLSS #IamGuidance


I am Kristyne

Please join us in celebrating Kristyne Duffy on her 7th anniversary with LSS. As the Disaster Response Services Supervisor, Kristyne coordinates LSS services for communities after a disaster to provide survivors with support through the many facets of recovery. “I’ve found my passion through my work at LSS. I am proud to see how resilient our clients are.”  #IamLSS #IamCommunity


I am Steven

Today we celebrate Steven Rall on his 15th anniversary with LSS. Steven considers himself “semi-retired” and works part-time as the Client Services Assistant with the Center for Financial Resources. He is often the first point of contact for CFR clients and treats everyone with respect and compassion. “LSS is a great presence in all the communities it serves, I am very proud to have been a part of that.” #IamLSS #IamFamily

I am Jacqueline

Please join us in congratulating Jacqueline López-Euceda on fourteen years of service with LSS. Jacqueline is a Spanish Interpreter for Community Interpreter Services; she also does administrative work within the Center for New Americans. She appreciates the opportunity to help her community. Jacqueline’s favorite memories with LSS involve employee picnics and celebrations. #IamLSS #IamCommunity

I am Eilish

Please join us in welcoming Eilish O’Toole to LSS! Eilish started earlier this month as a Re-Entry Coach for Re-Entry Services, working with inmates to help them successfully reintegrate into the community. “I have learned that LSS is a one-stop-shop! There are so many resources for just about anyone and I think that is excellent! I am grateful for the opportunity and vast amount of knowledge from my coworkers.” #IamLSS #IamClarity