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Life Stories Take Shape at LSS


LSS Centennial Video

Being There for a Century of Service

Celebrating Who We Are

There is one characteristic that all LSS employees share—they want to make a difference in the lives of others. LSS employees are dedicated to helping the people who utilize our vital services and those who they work alongside. Thank you for making a difference.

I am Haley

Today we recognize Haley Hartman on her first anniversary of service with LSS. Haley is currently a Re-Entry Coach with the ICIP program and provides trauma-informed case management to women who are transitioning from incarceration to life in mainstream society. Although this is Haley’s first anniversary with Re-Entry Services, she previously worked at Canyon Hills Center in Spearfish for two years. “I am proud to work with such a supportive, empathetic and strong team. LSS has provided me with years of priceless field experience and I look forward to developing my skills in new ways in 2021.” #IamLSS #IamFulfillment


I am Jay

Today we recognize Jay Marchand on his 9th anniversary with LSS. Jay is the Program Director for Re-Entry Services. The Re-Entry program serves men and women that are involved with the criminal justice system and preparing to re-enter society. Jay started as a case manager and over the years has been able to advance his career with LSS. “Re-Entry Services has grown in the last 5 years to serve clients across the state with 12 different service lines. This is a testament to the quality work of our staff and the support of leadership at LSS. LSS not only strives for quality service delivery to our clients but also encourages the personal and professional growth of staff.”  #IamLSS #IamTransformation

I am Kayla

Happy 2-year anniversary to Kayla Enger, Program Supervisor at Southern Hills Childcare & Education in Sioux Falls. Kayla supervises the Infant and Toddler program. “During my time at LSS, I am most proud of the relationships I have built between everyone I see each day–staff, children and families. I love watching each child grow into their own little personalities.”  #IamLSS #IamCommunity

I am Elizabeth

Please join us in recognizing Elizabeth Tewksbury on her 9th anniversary with LSS. Elizabeth is a Residential Supervisor at New Beginnings Center in Aberdeen. As such, she supervises overnight, coordinates recreation, and is a member of the LSS Engagement Committee. She is most proud of what she has been able to do for the kids, and the kids clearly appreciate her for it.  #IamLSS #IamFamily

I am Amy

Today marks Amy Marker’s 2nd anniversary of employment with LSS. Thank you Amy! Amy works for both Kinship Services and Adoption Services. She completes kinship home studies with families looking for placement of a relative through DSS, provides birth parent counseling to expectant mothers, and completes home studies for adoptive placement families. Her favorite memories at LSS involve the times when home study clients have reached out to let her know that the child has been placed in their home – creating permanency and stability.  #IamLSS #IamSupport

I am Lindy

Photo congradulating Kaley Macklem, After-School Teacher at Southern Hills Childcare & Education Services, on her 2nd anniversary with LSS.

Please join us in congratulating Lindy Obach on 3 years of service. Lindy is an ESL Instructor at the LSS Center for New Americans. She teaches English language, workplace skills and citizenship classes to adult refugees and immigrants. “I rediscovered my passion for teaching because of the amazingly resilient and motivated students I have the privilege of teaching. I help our students learn to read, I help them get jobs, I help them become more confident, I help them become citizens. Teaching here is transformative.”  #IamLSS #IamTransformation


I am Caylene

Please join us in congratulating Caylene Huber on her 1-year anniversary of employment with LSS. Caylene is the Preschool Program Supervisor at Southern Hills Childcare & Education in Sioux Falls. “I am proud of how I’ve grown in my role as a leader for LSS. I love greeting children and parents in the morning. It makes my day!”  #IamLSS #IamCommunity

I am Melissa

Happy 6-year anniversary to Melissa Frericks, USucceed Coordinator with Mentoring Services. In her current role, she matches high school students with a mentor and facilitates all program needs. Melissa previously served as the Program Supervisor for Here4Youth and is proud of the positive impact she had on the program. One of her favorite memories comes from her time at Here4Youth: “I had a child who would occasionally come to my office for a ‘lunch date.’ Lunch time consisted of her eating lunch and me working, but it was a little bit of time where she felt like she got to do something special.”  #IamLSS #IamSupport