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Street Outreach

Through a grant awarded by the Federal Family and Youth Services Bureau, the Arise Youth Center established a Street Outreach Program with the purpose of preventing the sexual exploitation and abuse of young people ages 10 to 21 who have run away from home, have a history of running away, or are currently or have been homeless. When possible, case managers work to re-connect youth with families if it is a safe option. Otherwise, case managers connect youth with emergency shelters, community resources and screen youth for potential human trafficking victimization.

Services are concentrated in the Rapid City and Sioux Falls areas. Case managers seek out youth who are at risk, currently a runaway or homeless, and begin to build relationships gradually and respectfully. They may provide basic supplies, support, options or referrals to emergency services including shelter and health care. Other services may include:

  • Street-based education and outreach
  • Access to emergency shelter
  • Survival aid and kits
  • Crisis intervention
  • Follow-up supportĀ 
  • Individual assessments
  • Trauma-informed treatment and counseling
  • Prevention and education activities (alcohol and drug abuse, sexual exploitation; sexual transmitted I infections, including HIV, physical and sexual assault)
  • Information and referrals

How to make a Referral

If you know of a young person that may need help, please contact LSS Arise Youth Center.
If you are a youth age 10 to 21, click here or use the information below.


Sherry Brodrick, Case Manager, Rapid City

Estela Bejarano, Case Manager, Sioux Falls

Or contact us below. An LSS Street Outreach case manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

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