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Myth #5 The adoption process is secretive

Some believe that adoptive parents know very little information about their child's background, or that birth parents have no say in the choice of adoptive parents.

The adoption process seeks to share information on a level that will benefit all-birth parents, adoptive parents and most importantly, the child. At LSS we provide the birth parents with family profiles from which they may choose. Pictures, letters and mementos can continue to be shared for a time after placement. Today's practice also shares all available non-identifying background information with the adoptive parents. This can include the birth parents' family and medical histories, physical descriptions, and personal information.

It is rare for a child not to be aware of his or her adoption into their family. The agonizing event over "telling a child he was adopted" of days past are gone. Parents today share about adoption with their child from day one, in age-appropriate ways that stress love, permanence, and respect for the birth parents who made such a difficult and loving choice.