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Myth #4 Most adoptive parents are unfit

Some believe that adoptive parents are not as fit to raise a child as are the biological parents, or that no one can love a child as much as a birth parent, or that adoptive parents are abusive.

Adoptive parents are as fit and capable as any cross-section of biological parents. For more than three decades, studies have repeatedly supported this. Adoptive parents on the whole are better educated, older and more economically stable than the population at large and are less likely to divorce. There are countless examples of happy families built through adoption.

A study compared government data on four groups: 1) Children adopted into a two-parent family; 2) Children born in a two-parent family; 3) Children being raised by an unmarried mother; 4) Children being raised by their grandparents. It found that...

...children adopted into a two parent family did well in school, and had only a 7 percent rate of repeating a grade in school, lower than the 12 percent rate found of children born into a two parent family.

...the study also found that these first two groups of children share similarly high scores regarding general health.

...children adopted into a two parent family enjoy a quality of home environment superior to all of the other groups.

...children adopted into a two parent family have access to health care that is superior to all other groups.