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Myth #1 The birth mother will regret her decision for the rest of her life

Some believe adoption is so painful most women regret the choice all of their lives, or that a birth mother who chooses adoption will have serious emotional problems.

For the birth parent facing an unplanned pregnancy, making an adoption plan can be a very positive resolution. With support and counseling, most birth mothers who choose adoption base their decision on what is best for their child and themselves. When the adoption experience is professionally handled, most birth mothers continue to feel good about their decision throughout the years.

Studies have found that teen mothers who chose adoption for their children were as satisfied with their decision as those who chose to parent. Studies have also shown that young women who make adoption plans...

...have higher educational aspirations, are more likely to finish school and less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance than those who parent.

...delay marriage longer and are more likely to marry eventually.

...are more likely to be employed 12 months after the birth and less likely to repeat an unplanned pregnancy.

...are no more likely to suffer negative psychological consequences such as depression than those who are single parenting.