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Adoption is a difficult choice, but a viable option for some people including me.

A Birth Dad's Story

"Adoption is a very hard choice, but a viable solution for some people including me. I made this choice for my son, it wasn't easy and it hurt. I knew it was in my baby's best interest, but I did love him and felt I was abandoning him. I have gotten over this guilt with help from the adoption agency and the adoptive parents. They send me pictures and letters about my son. I see a beautiful baby who is happy and has everything he needs.

I love this baby and I had to let him go to prove this!

I didn't have all of the life skills and parenting ability to take care of my son at that time. I know he will grow up knowing me and that I did the best I could for him. I have no regrets; it's easy when I get my photos of him happy. Abortion is not an option in my opinion. Adoption makes a family complete, now a set of parents can have their dreams come true. I hope to raise a child someday. I just wasn't ready. My son would have suffered for my faults; instead he jumped into life with a family without the disadvantages I might have brought him.

Love is powerful and to share it can be very gratifying. To know a family is complete feels good. I am glad to have made the choice I did; I can sleep easier now. I hope young parents are ready for a family but if not don't give up hope. Life can go on and a baby can bring immeasurable joy to people who couldn't have a child biologically. I am not an expert; I have only my experience. I see a mom, dad, sister and my son in a very happy family. A complete family I helped make and it feels good."

A Birth Father