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LSS reminds me that my everyday life should be focused around God’s love, kindness and making a positive impact on those around me. I feel blessed to spend every day knowing we are making a difference in our state.
Paige Short, Vice President of Philanthropy Services

Celebrating 100 Years of Transforming Lives

LSS Founders Family Members

The LSS Founders Family was established by the LSS Foundation Board of Directors in 1994 to recognize LSS legacy givers. They are a unique group of  individuals who are committed to helping those in need by giving financial support in perpetuity. LSS is thankful for their vision of serving those in need for generations to come. Such a gift could be made through a bequest by will, a charitable gift annuity, life insurance program, trust arrangement or by a leadership gift (a current gift of $10,000 or accumulation thereof) to the LSS Foundation.

Each new day does reveal more and more of the story as we come to learn of all the ways our friends and donors support LSS and those who we serve. Listed below are those who have given a legacy gift in support of the many LSS services. Thank you for choosing LSS of South Dakota as an expression of your service and compassion. We cannot wait to hear more of the story.

Anonymous (9)
Marilyn & Robert Abraham
Duane C. Anderson
Steve & Joni Anderson•
Cindy J. Anson
LeRoy & Phyllis Arhart*
Marie & Helmuth Assmus*•
Kathy Bangasser
Dr. Ronald D. Beck
Lois Bellows
Cheryl Bennett•
Ida Bergeland*•

Cal* & Dee Bertram
Dr. Raymond & Mary Burnett
Gary & Rosemary Chappell
Lyle G. Christensen*
Anne & Rev. Gerald* Christopherson
Joan & Philip* Clark
Rev. Herb & Constance Cleveland
Betty DeBerg
Hilda & Harold Denke*
Cozette Dorton
Don Drange*
Dorothy & Jay* Egge
Patris G. & Roald E. Eidsness
Rev. Norris & Carolyn Einertson
Rev. Norman & Clarice* Eitrheim
Dennis* & Rev. Sandra Ellingsen
Paul Everson
Rev. Kris D. H. Ferkin & Rev. Krista L. Henning-Ferkin
Margaret M. Gab*•
Harold Geidel
Olga Gilbertson*•
Orville* & Phyllis Gorne
Barbara* & James Griffin
Marv Hankel & Pat Walz
Rev. Carl & Mary* Hansen
Reginald & LaVerne* Hansen•
Rev. Robert & Suzanne Hansen
Helen Hay*
Dr. Margaret J. & Ronald C. Hegge
Maxine Hofland*
Don* & Gayle Hooper
Larry & Marcia Janssen
Velma & Rev. Arthur Johnshoy*
Helen L. Johnson*
Darrell D. & Bette M. Johnson
Gene* & Diane Johnson
Gladys Johnson*
Rev. Judeen Johnson*
Myrtle Johnson*
Thelma Johnson*
George Knudsen
Rev. Jacob* & Jean Knutson
Gilmore & Dorothy Koepsell•*
Dennis K. & Shirley R. Larson

Howard & Gladys Lee
Patricia Lee/Charles Yuill*
Rev. Don & Sharon Lehmann
Rev. Erika H. Lehmann
Jamie Lennon
Carol & Herman* Lerdal
Donald & Shireen* Levsen
Charles A. & Wilma A. Liebe
Viola D. Lightfield
Milton & Leona Lindell*•
Rev. William H. Loughmiller•

Edith & Morris Magnuson*
Clara & David Melin*

Norman & Margo Meriweather*
Mary E. Minton
Jeanine Moravec*•
Joanne* & Rev. Al Negstad
Mary & Richard* Negstad•
DeMaris & Erv Nesheim
Rolland & Kathy Nevins
Betty Oldenkamp
Eric & Mary Olson
Selma Olson*
Rev. Thomas & Gail Opoien
Delores Osborne*
Terry & Sue Prendergast
Rick & Connie Rathert
Gertrude & Walter Rehfeld*•
John* & Lorraine Rittmann
Ruth & Paul Royer*
Harold Rye*
Rev. John & Jacki Sandstrom
Jim & Nancy Schade
Leland* & Virginia Schlimmer
Gertrude (Trudy) Schmieding•
Heidi Schultz
Esther Smith*
Rev. Leroy & Elisabeth Stadem
Fred & Shirley Stephens
Rev. Lloyd & Dorothy* Stivers
Dolores & Harlan Stoley
Charles & Dee Storm
Wesley & Gladys Storm•
Jeannette Stowsand
Hazel B. & Ernest S. Swenson*
Dr. Virginia & Rev. Russell Tarver*
Dr. William R. Taylor, Sr.*
Keith & Gloria Thompson
Rev. Eugene & Dolores Tjarks•
Larry & Suzanne Toll
Sam & Dorothy Torgrude*
Iona Twedt*
Arlette R. Villaume
Mark T.* & Rosemary Wagner
Rev. Harold & Carole Watrous*
Marjorie Weeks*
Wayne* & Joan White•
Glenn & Cindy Wika
Mary & Winston* Wolpert
Patricia Lee/Charles Yuill*
Bishop David & LaDonna Zellmer


Charter Member
* Deceased member

Updated: 01.24.2022