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LSS & Multi-Cultural Center Boards Approve Integration

The LSS of South Dakota Board of Directors and the Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls (MCC) Board of Directors approved the integration of MCC to LSS this week.

LSS will transition MCC and its programs, assets and goodwill into LSS and will assume management effective October 1. A full transition is expected by year end at which point the MCC organization will dissolve but the work will continue.

The Interim MCC Executive Director Laurie Knutson and the MCC board of directors will continue to govern the organization through the transition as needed.

“The MCC leadership believes that LSS’s mission aligns with and supports the MCC mission. Programs and services will thrive with the added stability and leadership offered by the LSS organization,” says Knutson. “We believe a new synergy will develop with bringing our valued people and financial resources together—allowing us to serve our constituents and community more effectively.”

LSS President/CEO Rebecca Kiesow-Knudsen agrees. “The mission for LSS and the MCC have great synergy. LSS is excited to have an opportunity to provide administrative and leadership support of MCC to propel the work into the future. There will be more exciting developments to come!”

Leadership from both organizations believe that aligning efforts will result in better outcomes for the diverse communities of Sioux Falls. Removing the duplication of administrative functions creates an operational efficiency and a programming synergy to better respond to client and community needs.

“The transition of the MCC into LSS also aligns with the LSS vision statement that All South Dakotans will be healthy, safe and accepted,” continues Kiesow-Knudsen. “We are all committed to making Sioux Falls and South Dakota a welcoming community for individuals and families of all backgrounds.”

Organizational Strengths

For more than 100 years, LSS has been transforming the lives of individuals of all ages, families of all kinds and diverse communities of all sizes across the state. LSS impacts the lives of thousands of people each year through a variety of services including Behavioral Health, Center for Financial Resources, Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling, Foster Care, Residential Services for Children and Youth, Childcare and Education, and Mentoring among others. LSS is committed to being responsive to the changing needs within our communities.

The work done through the LSS Center for New Americans has developed solid relationships with several ethnic communities and provides robust support for many who are settling in our community.

LSS brings strong administrative services to provide operational efficiencies including human resources, information technology, accounting, grant writing, fundraising and executive leadership. This solid administrative support offers long-term functionality and stability to the MCC programs and services.

Continued Efforts

LSS will continue the work of the MCC serving various immigrant populations and working with Native American populations to celebrate cultural diversity within the Sioux Falls community. The partnerships with the City of Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County will strengthen, and its focus on community engagement will continue to offer opportunities to build on community interests around cultural diversity. Events like the Festival of Cultures will continue to bring people together in education and celebration.