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Each new day tells more of the story, and each night reveals more and more about God’s power.

Psalm 19:2

One Person, One Congregation Can Make a Difference

Throughout the last century, LSS has changed to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities we serve. LSS is where life stories take shape.

Today, we continue that strong tradition of inclusion and acceptance with a broad range of services to a broad range of communities. Always responsive to the ever-changing needs of communities across the state, LSS offers more than 17 unique and vital services. Just last year, LSS transformed people’s lives 38,099 times.

But no one can do it alone.

LSS has been your outreach and ministry since its inception. Today, Lutheran congregations and WELCAs still play a crucial role in LSS' ability to serve the people of South Dakota.

We are Here to Support your Efforts

"It is fundamental for us that our faith calls us to serve our neighbor."
Rev. Constanze Hagmaier, Bishop, SD Synod ELCA

The challenges of ensuring our clients and staff are in a safe and healthy environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a priority. Last year, LSS Behavioral Health Services cared for 6,131 people and families across the state of South Dakota. However, COVID-19 will certainly increase that number for FY20-21, as people suffer from anxiety, depression, separation and isolation associated with quarantine. On-site counseling services continue in all locations, and since 2015, telehealth counseling has also been available. All services are HIPAA compliant.

The Center for Financial Services served 4,019 people last year with counseling and education services. We anticipate a growing number as people continue to work through financial hardships, job loss and deferred short-term solutions. Services are offered on-site, over the phone and online.

Financial Support is Needed

To operate, LSS seeks financial support from a variety of resources such as public fees and grants, United Way funding, individual requests and income from our small foundation. Most clients pay for a portion of the services they receive based on their income. However, there is still a shortfall on what it costs to provide needed services and the COVID pandemic has widened that gap. That is where LSS relies on the strong and traditional partnership with congregations, and with organizations within congregations such as the Women of the ELCA and youth groups.

LSS Philanthropy Services
Paige Short, Vice President, LSS Philanthropy Services
705 E. 41st Street, Suite 200 Sioux Falls, SD 57105
800-568-2401 ext. 7502, 605-444-7502 direct, 605-261-3069 cell

Northeastern and Southeastern Regions
Sara Burtis, Director of Donor Relations, LSS Philanthropy Services
705 E. 41st Street, Suite 200 Sioux Falls, SD 57105
800-568-2401 ext. 7516, 605-444-7516 direct, 605-351-6162 cell

Western Region
Jessica Lillebo, Director of Donor Relations, LSS Philanthropy Services
2920 Sheridan Lake Road Rapid City, SD 57702
800-260-1439, 605-791-6769 direct